Thursday, January 04, 2007


This is what I had to put up with as a kid. Please note the look my older brother, The Dunce, is making at me. It was his "usual" look for moments such as these, where his younger siblings were doing dumb, annoying, stupid, or nice things.
It was usually accompanied by a particular sound, kind of an "Euhhh" sound (I'm not sure how it's rightfully spelled, but I'm sure you get the picture).


Dunce said...

Eeuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, you're probably looking at something REALLY STUPID in that picture.

The Dunce

P.S. you're just jealous I was such a fashion plate back in the day. Right up there with other giants of the period:

muzik said...

Ya know what else Thief... I bet the scene afterward where he punches you is pretty funny too... Or maybe he gave you wedgy?

The Sister said...

dunce knew better than to punch thief... "[fill in the blank] started the fight, but I finished it..."

bryan said...

I - O