Saturday, January 13, 2007

Singing the Solo

I consider myself a decent singer, though I contend that I'm a better back-up singer than lead singer. I have sung solos in church before - I had the lead male part in our church musical as a child (Papa John's Musical Garden) - though that might have been because nobody else would do it ;-) and I've sung various songs as solos (or almost solos) in worship (most horribly, when I was preaching at Stonybrook's early service and the music leader didn't show up, so I asked them to join me in singing "Amazing Grace" and nobody sang, so I basically did an acapella solo at 8 in the morning). I sang the Violet Burning's The Killing last year during Holy Week, but in that, like any other solo I've sung as an adult, I had the advantage of being able to hide behind my guitar.

Last Wednesday at choir practice, we got a bunch of new music, including an upbeat Black Gospel-style song called "Halfway" - and our director (Sue) told us men to sing the "solo" part together. I'll give that it was the first time we'd sung it, but even so, we were horrible. It is a rather "free" kind of solo, and, well, we were nothing close to together.

So this week, we're practicing it again, and after the first run-through, Sue said she thought I should sing the solo. In all honesty, I didn't hear anyone else singing that part during the run-through anyway. So Sue said, "All in favor of Brian singing the solo, raise your hand."

Pretty much everyone (me included) raised our hands.

Homer proudly crowed, "Looks like you're outnumbered!" (I guess he didn't see me raising my hand). So that means next week I'll be singing the solo.

As an aside, during the summer, we have "special music" every week, and one Sunday Homer "sang the solo" and it was great. I haven't had to choke back that much laughter since a) the last time we sang All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name; or b) since we passed the "Jim Shoes" visitor card to the preacher. But people appreciated it, because he was sincere. Meaning, of course, that as long as I do my best, this congregation will appreciate it.


Big Mama said...

You have a really special congregation and they are so appreciative of all you do. That said, i will say that you will do a great job! God gave you a very nice voice and I'm glad you use it for Him. From the Mom who can no longer sing solos or anything else (except for the kids!) I was always afraid I wouldn't know when to stop-after the manner of one very old former opera singer-but my Cushings fixed that but good!

Mary Beth said...

Jay sang a solo on Easter morning in the church I just finished pastoring. He has no vocal training at all and had never even been part of a choir until that point. He did a good job, but I think even more than that the congregation loved him and loved that he was willing to put himself out there like that. (And they loved that I had no idea it was coming, too).

I'm sure they'll be thrilled with you! (as they obviously already are)

bryan said...

Used to sing a lot at Shawnee v1.0 with a youth band called the Funky Disciples (a few members, of which, now make up the math/punk rock band, Ho-Ag). Kind of retired from singing after those days, but I like beating on a bass guitar.

Do I sense the beginnings of a killer district praise band?

The Sister said...

You think the only reason you had the "lead" in Papa John was because no one else was available? Well, yeah. AND the fact that the director thought that by throwing you together like that, you'd end up married to her niece, the girl lead opposite you... DUHHHHH. (You blocked that part out, I know.)

Big Mama said...

Awwww come on, he was gooooood! Anyway, How did your solo go Sunday?

The Thief said...

The solo is this coming Sunday... I'll keep you posted.