Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Unhealthy Discovery

My training for the marathon did two things for me. 1. It allowed me to finish the marathon. 2. It caused me to lose weight. Now that I am off-season for marathon training, I want to keep the weight off. I have been good about exercising (though yesterday was an almost-total bust, when I showed up at the Y without my membership card and without workout clothes, since I thought I would swim - but I showed up when the pool was closed, and it just happened to be middle school day at the Y, so the whole place was shortly overrun with crazies, and there was only so much working out I was willing to do in my swim trunks, long sleeve shirt, and dress shoes), but I decided I needed a little additional help.

So I cut back on my consumption of carbonated beverages (known as "pop" in this part of the world, known as "Coke" back in Kokomo, and called "soda" or other names elsewhere). Namely, I decided that I would allow myself to drink one can a day. That would lower my calorie and sugar intake, right?
The problem came when I looked at the calorie and sugar contents of the juice I was drinking instead of pop. The numbers were about the same in the juice as the pop... except that the juice expected me to drink an 8 ounce serving, while the pop expected me to drink a 12 ounce serving. If it weren't for the 130% of my recommended daily Vitamin C in the juice, it wouldn't be worthwhile at all.
So basically, I'm back to drinking tap water. But that stuff goes through me like... um, water?


Dreaming again said...


Pk (aka Pearls on YMX)

muzik said...

Yeah I know the feeling. It has been 7 days since I cut Caffeine out of my diet. Thats 168 hours. My goal this week is to cut soda all together. I actually have been feeling low and kinda depressed, I think it's from the lack of Caffeine. I'm hoping it will help me loose weight... we shall see. I need to get out and be active too but hey this is a start right?

beautifulmess said...

Brita filter = YUMMY water.

beautifulmess said...

and soda = GOOOOOOD. haha.

Mark said...

We don't drink pop (soda/Coke/etc) at our house either. We drink Dr. Pepper (aka "Nectar of the gods")