Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not Much Is better than none at all.

I like going to my Y. I go nearly every day - kind of important to get there when I'm in training, especially since I've gotten soft in my old age and don't go out running in the ice and snow and dangerously cold temperatures we've been experiencing (note from last entry: don't use our recent cold temperatures to disprove global warming if you've ever said that recent years' warmer temperatures are simply anecdotal evidence). Seriously soft. I was looking over my old running diary (which I have re-started to train for the marathon), I noticed that when I stopped using it, I had been running in temperatures in the teens. Every day. And I had added such notes as "the sidewalks weren't too icy today."

In case I hadn't mentioned it, I am going to run the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville this coming April, so I need to run. And since I've gotten soft, I've been running indoors at the Y. Usually it's not very crowded; there will be some walkers and occasionally a runner or two on the track. I hate treadmills, so I don't even bother with them. Except when I'm visiting "the sister" and the nearest Y doesn't have a running track - and instead has about a thousand treadmills. Today I ran 7 miles on a treadmill. Bleah. But I was going to say, the worst thing about running around a track that's only 1/16 of a mile is the repetition (which is still better than running on a treadmill) - but only slightly less worst is the smell. No, it doesn't stink of smelly feet. It smells like old ladies' perfume. There are some older women who walk there, and they seem to like to douse themselves with fragrance before making the pilgrimage (they do so before they go to the pool, too, which makes me gag).

But at least I get to go running. Oh, and the basketball games are there, too. And I have been swimming a lot, as well...

As far as my running goes, this week I finished with 25.3 miles (the .3 due to a 5K and a 10K I ran for time). I aim to run a marathon weekly from here out with my long runs increasing weekly. I could show a cute graphic of the topography, but it would look like this: ________________________________ Not unlike the topography of where I live, but it's all been inside running. I've been keeping my running diary again; maybe I'll put it online for you, my adoring public.

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