Monday, February 12, 2007


Everyone loves a big blizzard, don't they?

This evening, before I went to my Trustee and Administrative Board meetings, I got a call from the Conference office - our retreat is cancelled. This is inspite of the fact that the retreat information said "In the case of bad weather, the retreat will not be cancelled unless absolutely essential..."(their emphasis - actually they underlined those two words as well).

Several years ago, this same retreat was held in the midst of a pretty bad ice storm with treacherous driving conditions). Last year it was cancelled because of a lack of conference funds. This year, all indications point to the weather being the culprit.

During our meeting, one of the trustees got a call; Minster schools are closed for tomorrow.

Then, when Tara stopped at Walmart tonight for some groceries (just the normal shopping trip, mind you), she found that they were completely out of milk and bread.

Mind you, we haven't yet had the first flake of snow.


The Sister said...

Our Walmart was out of the packages of size 2 diapers needed for a certain small boy. They had all the other brands; apparently someone was making a run on Huggies.

Big Mama said...

We keep getting threatened with snow and STILL none! Last week, school was closed for "weather" 2 days just in anticipation and we still had none. Oh, one day it was a bit icy and I wouldn't have gone but it was done by 10-ish. They probably won't close later when we really need it! i would like for just one good snow to ski in--and I am hoping it will be on a day that I am healthy enough to do so.