Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzard #2, and A Character

We're getting the snow - not enough to make us rush out and buy up all the supplies possible, but enough to really look pretty, and with the snow comes a familiar sight in this town.

I've told you about Homer, our harmonic-playing, solo-singing, Reds-loving, bike-riding neighbor who predicts the weather, and now I'll tell you about Ham.

Yes, he goes by the nickname "Ham."

Last summer our church celebrated with him (and his wife and their family) as they commemorated their 65th wedding anniversary. But that's not why I'm writing this.

The first time it snowed when we lived here, I came out and found that my walk had been shovelled. I thought maybe that some of the kids had done it (wishful thinking?), but I found out that the culprit was Ham. He lives across the street and two doors down, and he shovels all the way past our house (and often even right up to the door).

He just does it because it's the right thing to do. What a good guy. What the world needs is more people like Ham.


Anonymous said...

Ham is a true, real life hero, right Pastor Brian? I want to be like him when I grow up!

The Sister said...

We've got Dennis in our neighborhood. Dennis has a snowblower and spent the morning doing the neighbor's driveways -- including ours -- and getting us out of over a foot of snow, plus drifts. God bless Dennis! (And ham!)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying the snow. My kids are bumming here in Kentucky where all it's doing is raining. They can't wait to visit their grandparents this weekend so they can can make a snow fort.

Alas, I'll be Beesoning. I'd rather play in the snow.

Big Mama said...

Thank the Lord for the Hams in the world. God bless him real good! Is that you out there? It surely looks pretty. I do remember being not so pleased with snow when I had to drive in it. I remember driving somewhere from a school or church function with one side of the big red van's tires off the road just to get a bit of traction. Yes, I know, the BRvan was a story in itself!

The Thief said...

BigMama asked Is that you out there?

Nope. That's Ham.