Thursday, February 15, 2007

Run, Forrest, Run!

I went to the Y this morning for a run after two days off due to extreme snow, and it was one of those days where I felt like I could have run forever. Marathon? Ironman Triathlon? Sounds like a good start. And the surprising thing was that I was running around a 100 meter track! 16 laps to the mile. I don't care so much for running indoors, but it beats running on a treadmill.

I was planning on running 7 miles, but then as I started, I decided on 8. But once I got finished, I still had energy, so I kept going. I ran 10 miles, all in under 8 minute/mile pace. To think, last spring I was excited when I ran 4 miles all under 8 minute pace. I was thinking of all sorts of things like: I wonder what kind of 5K time I could run in competition now... since just working out on that track, I'm already right about at my top 5K time from last year (which was good enough for first place in age group).

One of the neatest things is to find out what music goes best with running. I love my mp3 player! Since I hadn't updated the songs on it for a while, I just run with whatever plays, except that I've found that Pink Floyd is a definite skip. But the Allman Brothers Band is fantastic music for running. Strange. Probably because I know it well enough that it becomes background for me (I know it well enough that I heard the count-off for one song and knew what song it was - even though I have some 15+ Allman Brothers Band CDs). Of course, I can't go wrong with the Ramones, and Mae has actually been a new band that I like (thanks, Noblesvillian), but the Violet Burning really surprised me, as I really like some of their mellow stuff... while I'm running! Of course, when the lyrics include "Lord, rescue me" and I'm already on mile 9, that might have something to do with it.

When I finished running, I swam 1/4 mile. I might yet do a triathlon.

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