Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is the Big One! (You've got to say that in a Fred Sanford voice to really "get" it).

The marathon training I'm doing has me doing more and more mileage per week with a longer "long" run each weekend. I'll do something like this:

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 8 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: off
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: LONG run

Yeah, I know, you non-runners think 5 miles is a long run. :-) But for a marathon runner, 5 miles has gotten rather short. The "long" runs start around 8 miles and climb almost weekly (with some step-back weeks) to a maximum of 20 miles. This week is a 20 miler. But since we are going to have company this weekend, I decided to switch my running schedule around this week, meaning yesterday was the 20 miler.

I couldn't have had a nicer day for it. It was kind of windy (a little windier than I'd have liked - that just meant that I changed my course), but it was 53 degrees: warm enough for shorts and a long sleeve technical t-shirt (the one I got at the Columbus Marathon).

I drank a good bit of Gatorade and ate a Powerbar and set off. I felt really good, so I decided to run a ten mile loop first and end up back at the house. I would have liked to have had a water stop on the way, I decided, but I wasn't in bad shape. The ten mile loop took me just under 1 1/2 hours. Just where I wanted to be. Though I was feeling a bit fatigued around mile #8.

When I got back home, I puttered around for a while, making more Gatorade, getting another Powerbar (note: stick with the vanilla or peanut butter ones while running; the chocolate ones dried me out, so I drank more Gatorade than I wanted to, and it ended up sloshing around in my stomach a bit).

I took about 5 minutes at home (which seemed like an eternity) and started back on my way. My legs felt numb starting up again, so I walked much of the first 1/2 mile. Plus I had an angry dog to deal with on the way, and I can't swallow a Powerbar while running, nor can I drink from a widemouth Nalgene bottle while running.

I decided to take the same 10 mile loop a second time, which might have been a little much. In retrospect I should have split this one up into two 5 milers or a 6 and a 4. I really should have had a water stop in the middle. Especially since the temperature was steadily increasing (it was 73 by the time I finished).

My feet felt really heavy and my whole body was sore by the time I finished. 3 hours 3 minutes for a 20 mile run. This makes me think that (with good hydration) I could possibly do the marathon in 4 hours. As long as I can put together 6 10 minute miles to finish.


Heath said...

Hey BV You may want to look for one of those Nalgene bottle tops that restrict the flow of you favorite beverage all over your shirt while running. They are just a simple piece of plastic that slips inside the mouth of the bottle like the top of a travel mug. I think L.L.Bean sells them. We started track practice yesterday so my running season has officially begun!

The Thief said...

The problem is with carrying the bottle itself. Frankly I like the walk break when I get a drink.