Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Trip to the Social Security Office and a Musical Freebie

This afternoon I made the trek to the Social Security Office in Lima. My task: to obtain a social security number for Andrew. The folks at the courthouse assured us that all we would need were the two forms they had given us. So this afternoon, I showed up at the social security office with documents in hand (and my own identification as well).

I knew it was going to be a fun visit when two women who were waiting obviously knew one another... and all of the staff people. In fact, one of them arrived after me, but she had apparently already been there and had taken her number and left (to take her meds?). Her "friend" was upset because another agency had turned down her request (demand?) for money, and now she had nowhere to turn to. I (and the rest of the waiting room) got to hear all about her extended family and her wonder and awe about the medical technology that allows her to see her unborn grandson in the womb. And we all got to hear about her plight and how she'd already spent the ($2000) she got on March 3, and that Welfare wouldn't give her more money (apparently she is being unfairly expected to prove that she's given some of her own money for them to pony up "their" share). After she had finally talked (in a back room) to a superviser (who told her she could have money, but, in going through the proper channels, it would take 10 days), she left, grumbling, "If I owed them money, you know they'd be wanting it now!"

(shakes head)

When it was my turn, I brought my documents to the counter and told the woman what I wanted. She told me I needed Andrew's birth certificate (which the court told me we wouldn't need; we don't have it yet). The reasoning? My documents proved his identity and our adoption of him, but I "couldn't prove his birth." I asked her, "Do you want to see pictures?" Apparently only a birth certificate will provide proof that he's been born. Otherwise, there'd probably be a proliferation of officially adopted phantoms (spirit babies?) going around with Social Security numbers.

On a completely different note, Jonathan has really gotten into certain Dr. Seuss books (well, mostly Green Eggs and Ham). I rather think he would like to hear this. That is, if he can understand the words.

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