Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Birthday

Jonathan was so excited about his birthday that he could hardly sleep. All through the night, he kept waking up to ask if he could go downstairs and play and have his birthday. When morning finally came, He was ready!

He came downstairs to find a huge package (this is the second recycling of the bag - it was originally used (twice) for Christmas.

Anyway, he started with a gift from Aunt and Uncle Dunce and was happy to find a silly CD (Farmer Jason? I thought it sounded more "alt-country" than children's stylistically, but lyrically, it's right on the children's level. "File under 'Anarchy in the Pre-K'" indeed!)

Next Jonathan tackled the big bag. Note Andrew, who we placed in a position to watch Jonathan open his gifts. He was more interested in mugging for the camera.

Jonathan received toys inspired by the marketing directors of the movie Cars. He got Tow-Mater, Sally, Lightning McQueen (Lighten Na-Queen), King, Sherriff, and Doc Hudson toys, and he also got Cars sheets and comforter. He wasn't so interested in the bedding until last night when he proudly wanted to show me his "new" bed.

Then, of course, it was time for the cake!

He was super-excited to get the cake and to blow out the candles.

Like father, like son -- here is Jonathan snitching some of the "star" sprinkles off the cake before it has been cut.

We decided that he would have been quite pleased if his "cake" had been just the cherry pie filling covered with frosting and sprinkles. That was what he ended up eating.


The Sister (formerly known as At-Jen-Jen) said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Mark says hi, and he can't wait to give you your birthday present (but he will, wait, that is!). He sang you (and Spot) happy birthday all day yesterday!

Big Mama said...

And Happy Belated from Granny too! I, too, can't wait to give you your presents--but will have to! Darling pictures, of course!

Anonymous said...

We went to see Farmer Jason's adult half, Jason Ringenburg play. We keep threatening to borrow a child and go and see his Farmer Jason shows. There were still a lot of kids running around from their half of the evening's entertainment. They all seemed pretty excited, and that Punk Rock Skunk song is pretty good, so we though that Jonathan might like it.

Happy birthday Jonathan!

---Aunt Dunce

Big Mama said...

Uh, save that bag for a re-re-reycling stint! I think I will need it when I get there--whenever that may be!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Johnathan, Happy Birthday to you!