Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We're Putting the Band Back Together (part II)

If you've followed my storied career in the ministry, you already know that I was Ordained at Southland Christian Church and that my credentials were accepted in the United Methodist Church, but that I had to go through a three-year probationary period and do some other requirements (including some United Methodist History, Polity, and Doctrine seminary coursework), and that after completing all of that, I am now being recognized as an Elder in full connection.

Because of this, my church has planned a celebration of sorts - for this Sunday (they wanted to make sure it happened before Annual Conference). I was approached about this celebration because they wanted to have it during service. No problemo. They also wondered if I might want to invite some friends, espcially maybe the friends (Denny and Jesse) who came a while back and played some music with me.

Anyway, this was all to set up the fact that I talked to some people and it turned out that not only would Denny and Jesse be available, but so would Brian B and maybe even Stephanie! In essence, the entire SonRise Praise Band will be making our triumphant reunion onstage at the NKUMC on Sunday.

A rundown on the various incarnations of the SonRise Praise Band:

Stage 1: when I first started
  • Brian B: lead vox, rhythm guitar
  • Jason B: lead guitar, back-up vox
  • Matt B (Jason's younger brother): drums
  • Brian V: bass

Stage 2: after Jason's amp blew up

  • Brian B: lead vox, rhythm guitar
  • Mike B (Brian's brother): drums
  • Brian V: bass, back-up vox
  • some-time members: Greg T: lead guitar, Stan S: vox

Stage 3: the final line-up

  • Brian B: lead vox, rhythm guitar
  • Mike B: drums
  • Stephanie P: lead vox, back-up vox
  • Brian V: bass
  • Thom K: rhythm guitar
  • Denny A: lead guitar

Of those in stage 3, only Mike (whose daughter is having a graduation party that day) and Thom (who is working the sound board at their church) for sure won't be able to come. I am so excited about this. When the band had reached Stage 3, we weren't just a band; we were a small group. We prayed for each other multiple times weekly, caught up (and cut up), laughed & cried together, loved each other... the times we played and made music together are some of my sweetest memories of Stonybrook.


Big Mama said...

How very exciting! Wish I could be there! You were good too!

bryan said...

I'm thinking that if a guy were to, say, fall down as he came out to be introduced as a full ordained Elder, that'd be worth a free dinner at Sloopy's for his whole family. Of course, Cean would skin and tan your hide, but that Sloopy's pizza is pretty good. Something to think about!