Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pre-Halloween Photo Essay, episode 2 Soon it was Andrew's bed time, but we determined that I had enough time before my finance committee meeting (which went pretty well - things like that go well when finances are coming in) to carve the remaining pumpkins. Always being known for my love of digging my hands into the goopy pumpkin (blech), I dove right in.

Some members of the family were a little more hesitant about getting their hands dirty, but the cutting part was fun.

Jonathan directed us as to how our pumpkins should look. Mine was supposed to be scary, his was supposed to be happy, and Tara's was supposed to be silly. He "helped" me draw all the faces (Tara got artist's block and had me draw hers). Jonathan even decided all the shapes on his, like the rectangle nose), and he helped cut his own.

Later in the evening, we put the pumpkins out on the step with candles in them. Tara's is on the right (winking and sticking out its tongue - that's what silly ones do, I suppose), Jonathan's is in the middle looking over at my scary one on the right. That curly-que on the right side of mine isn't an ear; it's a reflection from the bright-as-the-sun streetlight that the town put right in our front yard (the huge one that pretty much illuminates our entire house after they told us it would be a little light that would shine down on the sign for the Legion and wouldn't be one of those huge ones like the rest of the street lights. Bitter, anyone?)

This doesn't really have anything to do with the Halloween stuff, but it's the awesome sunset we had Tuesday evening, and I had to include it.

And prepare yourself for Trick-or-Treat pictures, as that's tonight's order of activity.


Rev. Dulce said...

It looks like the kids were having a great time getting all ready for Halloween.

We can't carve pumpkins in this part of the country. The heat and humidity cause them to literally melt into a pile of goo.

Glad to hear that the finance committee meeting went well.

Katie said...

Such fun pictures. I am a weirdo, I love digging out the pumpkin guts. Why? cause it's fun to get it looking all cool, smooth and pretty inside LOL.

I stink when it comes to the carving though