Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick or Treat Night

But first a riddle:

Q: What did the Thief's kids get for Halloween?
A: Your kids' candy!

And now I'll wait a moment as the groans subside...

OK, now on with the photos.

The weather decided to cooperate for us this year (unlike last year's rain), and we headed out to get some loot. We started out by going across the street and getting some candy from Homer and Charlyne. We were amazed when out of the blue, Charlyne wondered if Jonathan's costume might be getting tight, since he wore it two years ago. How she remembered that, I have no idea!

Andrew caught on to the Trick-or-Treat thing pretty quickly, but he didn't really want to put the candy in his bucket - he just wanted to hold it in his (quickly very sticky) little hands.

Some houses have the good stuff. This is the Howe's house (where we saw Logan, Megan, and their new baby sister, Taylor), and they had good stuff. Anyone who gives out Reeces Peanut Butter Cups is awesome. One funny moment was when Jonathan had been given some candy, but instead of turning around and coming back down the sidewalk, he just stood there, looking at something.

I asked him, "What are you thinking about, Jonathan?"

He responded,"I'm thinking about another piece of candy!"

The women there had to hold back laughter, and, citing his honesty in what he was thinking about, gave him more candy.

We went all around our side of town (that sounds pretty funny, thinking of our town) including the library and the gas station, then we high-tailed it for the far other side of town to visit Ned and Linda. We figured they would like to see the boys, and we were not wrong. They certainly did. Jonathan had a great time pretending to "sting" people with the little stinger on his costume, and Andrew, despite the late hour, was in a great mood. After that, we had to make a stop at the fire station. This is one of Jonathan's highlights - getting to see, touch, and sit in the fire trucks. As you can see, he liked it quite a bit.

And as you can probably also see, Andrew was in doggy heaven!

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