Monday, November 26, 2007

A Bust

I went and played (errr, attempted to play) racquetball tonight at the Y's challenge court. Ouch. I got the message loud and clear: beginners need not apply.

Speaking of busts, the NFL decided that it would be appropriate to reinstate Ricky Williams, who has tested postive for pot four times since the Dolphins signed him in 2002. I imagine the chances of him getting busted for smoking out again is much greater than the chances of the Dolphins winning a game this year.


Dan Browne said...

your so right... nice helmet.

dunce said...

If the challenge court is the only game in town, maybe it's worth doing despite the frustration involved. Unless all games are total whitewashes against you, you may be able to develop a few tactics that work against much better players -- these will serve you very well later on if you find players of similar caliber. You may also be able to pick up tactics by watching how the better players tear you apart. Not only in working on your weaknesses, but also in observing how they use the court.

As far as the NFL's reinstatement of Williams goes, I suppose there's no way anyone can think of his off-the-field activities as performance enhancing in any way. It's almost like they are penalizing Miami by letting him back in.