Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Bust, part 2

OK, so maybe I was a little rough on the challenge court. Perhaps if I played again, I could score (so tempting to lapse into Beavis & Butthead speak... AAHHHH, WE'RE NEVER GONNA SCORE!). At least someone talked to us. And nobody said, "Leave now."

It was awfully frustrating to be taken out back of the woodshed and whuped like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. Having played soccer at a pretty high level, I've enjoyed all kinds of soccer - including pick-up games with marginally skilled players, and I always give them a chance. Even if my teammate has terrible skills, I'll give him the ball if he's made the effort to get open. After all, that was the reason he came out... to play. I wasn't even given that chance.

And as for Ricky Williams, after his (hurried) reinstatement, he carried the ball 6 times (limited because of an injury). Now all the marijuana he uses will be strictly medicinal.


Dunce said...

The challenge court concept is not often conducive to "giving someone a chance", unlike soccer and other team sports. Most people seem to take the challenge court setting as more like a tournament than a recreational activity.

If so, the only option is to step up and take your medicine like a man (as they say). If you can't stand the heat, get out of hte kitchen. And so on, and so on. There's a certain kind of guy (and almost always it is a guy) who doesn't care whether it's not sporting to find an opponent's weakness and play to it every single point. Not my sort of person (on or off the court).

Especially in one-on-one sports like racquetball, there are some skill divides that are just not worth playing across, unless the advanced opponent is willing to go into "tutor mode" or play under some self-imposed handicap.

I'll take you on when I'm next in the neighborhood -- this should improve your satisfaction level (perhaps at my expense) as the only racquetball courts in this country appear to be on US military bases. And squash skills don't translate very well.

Hey, why'd you kill the option of letting anonymice include their URLs? I promise I won't link to filth.


The Thief said...

Thanks for the insights - I think you've hit the nail on the head (as they also say). The guy who crushed me probably had his BCS ranking rise because of how badly he beat me. ;-)

I'll accept your challenge - I don't think I have any option BUT to accept, as I am playing with your racquet after all.

And I didn't kill the option of letting you anonymice folks include their URLs. Blogger seems to have done that themselves.