Tuesday, November 06, 2007

R.S.I. Lunch

Rarely will I pass up a free lunch, so when a fellow pastor invited our covenant group to a free lunch, given by a representative from RSI (the fundraising company employed by our Conference), I figured: it's a free lunch...

I didn't go in with very high expectations, mostly because (due to the way it was presented to us at Annual Conference a few years back) I felt like the deal with the conference had already been inked before the conference actually voted on it.

So anyway, it was such a great meeting with their representative that I came out wanting to do a capital campaign! (not really, for those of you in the NK church - I'm just saying that he made a believer out of me)

One last (unrelated) matter: if you are a company and during the month of October, which someone named "Clergy Appreciation Month" (cough, cough), don't invite me to a "clergy appreciation lunch" that I'll have to pay for that's really a sales pitch. I'm not that stupid and I can be unappreciated without paying for the privilege.

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