Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reading Level
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Of course, I would not be a good family member if I didn't point out that my blogging family members (in no particular order) ranked junior high and elementary level (there were multiple at this level in the family).

Unfortunately, as my head got larger and larger, I checked out my wife's (long-since abandoned) space on the web, only to find that she ranked as follows:

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Derek said...

Hmmm, interesting. My original blog has a Postgrad level, and the current one has an Undergrad level. Either I need to start writing "deeper," or the sheer volume of the original vs. this one so far is a factor.

The Sister said...

I find this rating a little questionable, not from my own elementary level (well, duhhh), but the fact that the Dunce writes about pubs and etymology, proper British vs. American usage, and travel and would be considered "junior high"? Perhaps it was Hear'n Aid.

Big Mama said...

Well, goodbye forever on my elementary level or below blog! I won't be adding to it ever again--or until next week when i feel more secure in my own mind!!