Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Soccer Post

You might have noticed a dearth of soccer-related posts recently, but I am hereby bringing remedy. Though our Sunday pick-up soccer ended some time last month (after dwinding for a while, we actually had enough for a decent small-field game for our last outing), one of the guys put together an indoor team to play in the Friday Night league at Neuko in Elida.

I hope you had me on your fantasy team last night - in a 9-5 win, I scored once and had assists on 4 additional points (one being a 2-point goal). One of the assists was a thing of beauty in a 2v3 break (can you call it a break when we were down?) where my teammate made a crossing run and I threaded the needle to him. Then about a minute later, he returned the favor by giving me a sitter in front of the goal.
It was a whole lot of fun...

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