Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Way Too Long

It's been way too long since I blogged. Not necessarily because I haven't had anything to say, but more because I've been busy getting ready for services, recuperating from a sore and stiff neck (I'm telling you, sleeping is dangerous!), and just not having much time on the computer.

Of course, when I'm away from the computer, I think of all sorts of interesting things to include in a blog post. Like this morning - I was on the way to meet with my covenant group and these ya-hoos on the radio were arguing about what is a good gift for Christmas. More specifically, they were debating whether socks and underwear were proper Christmas gifts. The woman was insisting that both were highly appropriate as Christmas gifts, while the man was complaining that they were not.

Her point was that if she got underwear for Christmas, it would be the "more expensive" kind, so she would be thrilled for it.

His point was that socks and underwear are utilitarian and that getting them would be the equivalent of a woman getting a sweeper... not a good idea.

She said that women will tell you what they want and then they're upset when the man doesn't get them what they wanted. That may be true in my house, but it's not in many others. In fact, once I had a teenage girl ask me what to get her boyfriend for his birthday. I asked what he wanted. She replied, "He told me he'd like a CD."

"So buy him a CD" I told her.

She was flabbergasted at the very idea, because, as she and her friends explained, if roles were reversed, she'd be mad if he got her the CD (which, in this scenario, she would have asked for). In fact, she would have been upset that he had asked at all, because he should have known her well enough to know exactly what she wanted.

Nonsense, I told her. We men aren't subtle. If we say we want a CD, we want a CD.

We don't want socks and underwear for Christmas. Unless we specifically ask for them. In which case, bring 'em on.


Rev. Dulce said...

Last year I asked for a Crock pot with a locking lid (for all of those endless potluck dinners)and a cordless drill. I got both and was absolutely thrilled.

Plus, my mom always gives everyone underwear for Christmas, close and extended family, it has become a tradition in my family. And we are always glad for them (except for the young girls who are still shy and then it's just plain funny).

If I ask for something it's because I really want it. Otherwise you are just being childish in a way. IMHO

Big Mama said...

...which is why if I don't get a list you get socks and underwear; think I want you to want it??? Though some of the daughters-in-law do and I try to find nice ones for her! BM also wouldn't think of asking for something if she doesn't want it. Subtleties have never been my big talents.