Monday, November 12, 2007

A Strange Idea

Someone in the Bible study this morning said that he believes in life on other planets and that when we die, we get to be Messiahs for those planets.

Sounded awfully Mormon to me.

I didn't like the idea, and here's why: I'm not cut out to be anyone's Messiah. I've already thought that through. Though I accept Jesus' free gift of Justification, and though I believe that I have been Sanctified (set apart for God's purpose), and though I believe that I am "going on to perfection," I haven't yet gotten there. And for a Messiah to be effective, to be more effective than the average Joe, to be a real Messiah, that Messiah has to have something special. And to be able to make sacrifice for everyone, that Messiah has to be sinless.

Which I'm not.

And that word "everyone" brings me to another point: suppose for a moment that there is life on another planet. Wouldn't Jesus' sacrifice, if it is indeed for everyone, count for "them" as well? Or is it a limited atonement?

My friend, who made the weird comment, believes in universal salvation. Why would other planets even need a Messiah if there's universal salvation? Why would ours?


Shayna said...

you know, although at times Christianity can sound weird... that is just off the charts weird and very much a Mormon idea.


Rev. Dulce said...

I'm with you "Thief", I can't possibly be someone else's Messiah. It is scary to even think about it.

I wouldn't rule out life on other planets but I'm leaving their salvation up to God. I figure leaving it in THE EXPERT'S hands is good enough for me.

'neice said...

I was also going to say that sounded very Mormon to me as well.

John said...

Weird, false ideas make their way into Christendom through subtle sources. I heard one parishioner talking about a movie about Jesus on TBN. He was really fascinating with a certain scene, and recounted it from me. I realized that it was from the Infancy Narrative of Thomas, and warned him that the source was false.