Friday, December 07, 2007

A Visit with Grandma

In years past, we "wondered" what we would get from Grandma for Christmas. When we were young, the gift was often tube socks (my brother and I would get gray ones with colored stripes at the top, while my sister would get pastel ones - I think she liked hers less than we liked ours!).

In later years, we started getting popcorn. Usually in the large tins with three types (caramel, cheese, and butter). We would generally eat the caramel ones and some of the cheese ones and give the butter ones to the wildlife. Then we used the tins for trashcans or to keep the dog food in. Later she switched to giving us unpopped popcorn, which was good, but you can only have so much of it...

So last year we asked for her to give her autobiography. Which she did, and we enjoyed it very much. So this year we decided to make her a photo album of all her old photos. It turned out wonderfully, and yesterday we went to Kokomo to visit and to bring her gift.

Additionally, Jonathan had made her some gifts, so he got to "be Santa" and give them first. She loved them all, and she loves the album, but mostly she loved to have us come for a visit. We got there shortly after 2 and stayed until after dinner.


Rev. Dulce said...

Sounds like you gave her the greatest gift of all---your time.

The Sister said...

rev., you have no idea... :)
I am sure next time i and the boys are there we'll hear alllllll about it. :)

Big Mama said...

I know I have: again and again!! She was totally thrilled! And now I will hear about the other two who visited today!