Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogging From the NPC
I am here at the National Pastors Convention in sunny San Diego, CA! Things haven't started for me yet, but I did get to participate in the NPC Runners' Club this morning. I ran about a mile or a little more to warm up before stretching, then a group of 15-20 of us said a prayer together and hit the road. We did a 3 mile loop (mostly around the mall that's right behind the convention center), but when we got back, one guy asked who wanted to run more - including up the big hill overlooking Mission Valley. I had been asking everyone before we ran when we were going to attack the hill... so of course I went. It was beautiful.
But when we got back, they had already cleared out the promised drinks, fruit, and yogurt! Teach us to go the extra mile(s)!!


Brian Eberly said...

Be sure to get a fish taco at Rubios over at the mall. Can't be beat!

Oh, and enjoy the conference!

Big Mama said...

Hope you got some goodies somewhere. Isn't it beautiful there????? Hope your family is having lots of fun too!