Thursday, February 28, 2008

More from the NPC

Day 3 of the NPC is beginning, and there's been so much going on that it's going to be hard to summarize before the runners' club meets. But here are some highlights:

Erwin McManus gave a great talk based on his book Soul Cravings. His main point was that people (all people) crave certain things, including love and significance. Great stuff.

Brenda Salter McNeil can preach. I remember years ago when she taught us back when I was n Northwestern's InterVarsity, and she's just gotten even better. Inspiring and practical with a huge dose of emotion and firey preaching. Wow.

The runners club has still been one of my personal highlights - it's kind of hard being an extrovert here by myself, but the runners club has given me a chance to meet some guys and to talk and fellowship while we run. Yesterday I led a group of 4 up the hill after we'd run our first 3 miles. One of them was from Lexington and we found a connection with Lexington Christian Academy (where I got m soccer coaching start). That was great.

Swimming outdoors in February? You've got to be kidding!

Worship that I didn't have to plan? Great - but I find that it's hard to not have a part in it other than "just" a singer.

Time to hit the road again!

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