Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt!

Again this year, the local Easter Egg hunt was plagued by terrible weather.

As we waited for the start of the hunt, we nearly froze. I was kind enough to share my gloves with the boy - I figured they would be easier to use than his mittens (or frozen fingers).
The little guy was only out for about 3 minutes, but that was 2 minutes too long. He was cold, and he does not like to be cold. Plus his nap was interrupted for this! He got four eggs and had endured enough - so he and mom went right back to the car to warm up.

The big boy had a good time hunting eggs. He "found" quite a few (though if the hunt had been postponed, and if it had kept snowing like it was all morning, they might have had to dig to find them). He didn't like most of the candy that he got (more for me!), partially because anything chewy was frozen solid.

There was supposed to be a prize drawing after all the kids had found all the eggs, but we didn't stick around long enough to see if we won. As soon as Jonathan's 3-4 group had finished finding their eggs, we were out of there like a tornado in a trailer park.

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