Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Easter Pictures

After the sunrise Easter Service, we came home for an Easter Egg hunt. As you can probably tell, Jonathan was very excited about the idea.

As Jonathan knew how this whole thing works, he played the part of the awesome big brother and helped Andrew find eggs. He even went so far as to gather some for Andy.

Andrew started to get the hang of things and went looking for eggs of his own. Once he figured out that there was candy in them, though, he stoppped trying to find new ones and instead concentrated on his attempts to open the ones he already had.

Some weren't so easy to open, so Jonathan helped him. What a great big brother!


Shayna said...

Those are two very handsome boys! Happy Easter to all of you.

Big Mama said...

Absolutely cute!! Happy Easter. I couldn't get all the pictures but am sure you will be making some for me! Thanks.