Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter With the Vinsons

Easter is always very special for us - in fact, it's the most important day of the year. Jesus' resurrection, in fact, changes everything!

We are fortunate to get to have an Easter sunrise service put on by the youth. Usually it's all high school students, but this year we were a little short of high schoolers, so the middle school students helped out as well. I led singing with my guitar (I knew I should have changed my strings on Wednesday) - all songs the high schoolers had chosen (God of Wonders, You are My King, and Forever), the middle school students acted out The Ragman by Walter Wangerin, Jr. and the high school students did a shadow play to Don Francisco's He's Alive (the link is to Don Francisco's video of the song).

After the service, the youth served breakfast, after which time we went home to have our own Easter Egg hunt (which is explained in the blog post below this one). Then it was time for Sunday school (in which I explained and served Communion to the children). Then time for church service, and I've never had to scramble as much as I did that morning.

It was right before service was to start when I realized that I didn't have any water for the baptism, so I hurried down and got some.

Then, as the choir was starting to sing, I realized that I hadn't rewritten the spoken intro to the music we were singing (there was a long musical intro meant to have words with it, and I was asked (told) to write something to go in there, but I frankly didn't have the time to do it). So I had to redo that on the fly and just got it said in time for the singing to start.

Finally, I could not find the music for the song I was leading to close the service. Luckily I knew the song pretty well, but I couldn't find the music anywhere. I ended up just winging it - unfortunately I started in the wrong key, so the song was out of my range (and most everyone else's, I imagine), but at least I muddled my way through it.

But despite all the glitches, I thought the service went really well.

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nathan said...

[in that weird voice you use sometimes] "Ahhhh... how cute!"

Sounds like a pretty typical Easter Sunday! hehehe We were scrambling around adding last minute lyrics, sermon notes (english and spanish) and getting the sound system to work right. THEN... Doofus me hits the wrong button right after a video. I hit back, instead of forward and it started playing the video again and the pastor just laughed and said, "you all want to watch it again?" and he went to sit down... pretty funny!