Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The New House

Here's where we will be living starting this summer!

Note the big porch and the little balcony above it (which is off the master bedroom). The porch overlooks the main street in town, which is the site of the local parades.

Inside, there is a long (25'x13') living room and a very wide stair case up (I think it's so wide as to be handicapped accessible) to the bedrooms, the sun room, and the bathroom. Yes, I said "the" bathroom. The other side has a 13'x13' room that we're probably going to use as the playroom - the doorway you see in the background of the following picture has beautiful doors that go in it, but they just need shaved a little to fit. We'll put them in to try to manage the escape of the toys.

Upstairs are three bedrooms (Jonathan picked one in the back of the house to be his and Andrew's), the bathroom (again, note the use of the word "the"), and the sun room. The next picture shows the sun room doors (bathroom and master bedroom are to the left). We are thinking about making the sun room into a prayer room - a nice designated spot for quiet time, Bible reading, and prayer. What a crazy thing to have, right there in the parsonage, eh?

This is the balcony. It hasn't been used in years, but we plan on using it. And why not? I always have wanted a balcony; I even used to climb out Garrick's window to sit on the (not-really-a) balcony over the entryway of the fraternity house where we had some chairs set up (it was also a decent place from which to launch watermelons ala Dave Letterman, but not as good for launching the huge bags of spoiled milk - the second floor window was a much better place for that pursuit, but I digress).

And, yes, if you look carefully in the upper right corner of the picture, that is indeed a bird nest in the window. There's another around the corner (in another master bedroom window), and it has an egg in it.

So this is where we're going to live starting this summer!


MB said...

This is so exciting!

Is there any way / place on the main floor that a 1/2 bath could be added? If there is a plumber in the congregation who would donate that work, the cost of framing out space and a simple toilet and pedestal sink would be pretty minimal!

It looks beautiful.

While I'm sure it is possible to survive with one bathroom, it would be so great for your guests to have a 1/2 bath down stairs... it would also make life with toddlers/preschoolers so much easier if you didn't have to RUN upstairs to use the 'poddy'!

Again - it looks AWESOME! Murray, Hannah and Jesse and I will definitely have to make a road trip to see you guys.


Angie said...

The house is awesome!! I'm so jealous of the front porch and the sun room. I've always wanted those. I'm so happy for you guys.

Brian Eberly said...

Fantastic looking house!

Rev. Dulce said...

I'm so excited for you. I'm sure that THE BATHROOM issue will find a way to be resolved.

Look at it this way....you could have teen-age daughter's.

Big Mama said...

Fantastic!! And do my eyes behold a SWING on that front porch???!! Looks like a great place for 2 little boys to live! Yeah, the bathroom issue may cause a bit of a strain but that could be one of the "big things" you ask for sometime. Finally got the pictures and am so glad!

Dunce said...

heh, "...the bathroom issue may cause a bit of a strain..."

Maybe you should eat more fruit. I understand this is a solution to the aforementioned problem.


The Thief said...

Takes one to know one, Dunce...