Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's Going on?

Here are the current events in our household:

Packing is primary. If you aren't using it, it will get packed. If you are using it, hold on to it or it'll get packed.

Indoor soccer is over. We ended up 2nd place with 2 losses - both on days I couldn't play. One was cheap - the other team had injuries and so forth, so they didn't show up for the game and they called our captain and so he and several others didn't either. So instead of us winning by forfeit, they rescheduled the game. For a Wednesday in Lent. When I was in charge of a service at church. Then we played them again on Good Friday. Of all the days to have the 9:00 game...

Outdoor soccer is on again. We play pick-up in St. Marys on Sunday afternoons. I love it.

I've got an ultra-competitive almost-4 year old. Here are some of his opinions:
Soccer: good
Baseball: bad
Kickball: good
Police: great
Firefighters: great
Pirates: awesome
He told me that he loves Mommy "31" and he loves me "40" and he loves Andrew "50" and that he's good at loving everyone, even people he doesn't like. Sometimes. Or maybe not.

I've got a more vocal 1 1/2 year old. He now can say "bump" and "boo" to go along with his very frequently used "Mama" and "more" and his less frequently used "Dada" (and he has some good sign language for "please" "thank you" "all done" and "milk")


Doorman-Priest said...

Just popped over from Jeff Greathouse's place. Pleased to meet you.

Big Mama said...

Funny little guys!! Do send me an e mail or do a blog on Andrew's school. How's he doing and what do they do with such a little guy? Sounds like he is doing really well if he can say those things already! You'll have to teach me the signs! Love to all, B.M.

Anonymous said...

My 4 year old (well, 4 tomorrow) has staunch opinions that can be similarly distilled; however they reveal her aggressive girliness:

princesses in general: awesome
Cinderella: beautiful
Sleeping Beauty: beautiful
Belle: beautiful
Snow White: scary
fairies in general: good
sisters in general: fair
soccer: makes me tired
ballet: super-good

Her 2 year old sister, like your toddler, has lots of words including:
Don't like it!
I can do it!
Daddy, don't talk to me! I was talking to Mommy!
...and many others, all vehemently culminating with exclamation points.

Little kids are the greatest joy ever.

The Thief said...


Yeah, that "Daddy, don't talk to me! I was talking to Mommy" sentiment is frequently shared in this house as well...