Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's Better than a Trip to the Zoo?

...a trip to the zoo and free burritos!

Today we went to the Columbus Zoo for the day. It was lots of fun. After that, we stopped at Whole Foods and bought some food and sampled a lot more, and as we were heading for home, we passed a Chipotle store.

It was Tara who noticed the sign: 100% off burritos: today from 5-8!

Although it was only just after 3:00, we stopped and shopped for a while in the nearby strip-mall. At 4:30, I went over and stood in line. By 5:00, we were heading in the door for free burritos. We got 4 burritos and 4 drinks at a total price of... $0.00!

Kudos to Chipotle for running a great gimmick!


Brian Eberly said...

Go to love free burritos! Free is a very good price!

We went to the zoo on Saturday. Benny's first time. Very fun. See our video of it at

Amy said...

That sounds like a fun day. I, for one, love the zoo...and free burritos! But I love the zoo more.

bryan said...

Mmmmmm.... free burritos!

Big Mama said...

Your father would be so proud!!! how did you get the drinks too????

The Thief said...

They were giving EVERYTHING for free, or so it seems

Dunce said...

You are truly channeling the family spirit - at least you only had to wait a half hour for free food.