Friday, September 26, 2008

Vacation: Around the Camp!

We had tried camping in a tent with the boys once - this summer at Camp Sychar. It worked out well, so we decided it would be fun to do for more than one night. Here are some pics from around the camp.

The boys loved sleeping in the tent. It was perfect sleeping weather (though a little cool for some members of the family). Jonathan kept sliding out of his sleeping bag and, try as I might, I couldn't keep him in it.
Actually, sleeping was difficult the first night. Partly because we traveled on Thursday and then pretty much went straight to bed, but mostly because it was the first night sleeping in the tent.

One of the fun parts of camping is having a campfire. It's one of the reasons that car camping has any charm over backpacking (was it Jeff Foxworthy who said that camping is a way for people who don't live in a trailor park to vacation in one?) - having a roaring campfire.

Of course, due to our expertise with the Coleman stove (we got more practice during the power outage), the only "over-the-fire" cooking we did was marshmallows. I must admit that I am an expert when it comes to the perfect fire-toasted marshmallow.

We ended up having too much wood for our fire, so I made a nice, big roaring fire.

One family member let us know that the only part of camping that he didn't like was "just sitting there" around the fire. It was "a million boring" according to him.

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The Sister said...

"A million boring"
THAT is a phrase that says soooo much.
Aunt Writer approves. :)