Friday, September 26, 2008

Vacation: Hiking!

Last week we took a vacation to the Hocking Hills (as you probably already knew if you read my last post about the Indian Run). We arrived rather late in the evening on Thursday, so there isn't much to report about that. But on Friday we went hiking. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy some pictures of our adventures!

There's nothing like going out hiking on a cool (yeah, low 50s still seems cool - let's revisit that in January) morning (reminder here: I love mornings) to remind one of God's majesty in creation.

Though I usually like people photos, I thought the beam of sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees was photo-worthy and a great way to test out the new camera.

We found walking sticks (no, not the insect kind, one of which I found on the screen of the cottage in Michigan this morning, but the dead branch kind). This is also the Ohio State vs. Michigan ("this wouldn't be wrong without sports" photo).

Of course, Andrew needed a walking stick, too, and I managed to get a picture in which he is not swinging the stick wildly. Yeah, I mostly made sure his sticks were pretty small for a reason.

Andrew in a hollow log.

Jonathan on the other end of the hollow log.

We all love hiking together. I hope you like the photos.

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Big Mama said...

Joy, oh joy, you have a Blog again with as many wonderful pictures as my little heart could desire. Could you, please, send me the last 4 0r so again because, for some reason known only to blogger, all that was thre was a little rectangle with a red x in it! Wonderful photos!