Monday, October 27, 2008

Dr. Mr. President (ial candidates)

I know neither of you really care about the environment. I know this because I have been doing paper recycling at the local post office, and I can see how many fliers you are sending to everyone in this community (all of which end up in the garbage or recycling bin). If you really truly cared about the environment, you would not be wasting so much paper.

A Friend


The Sister said...

Apparently only one party is concerned enough to mail our household at least one, sometimes more, pieces of unrecyclable shiny junk mail every day. The other party has traditionally carried this state, so the one who's just getting a breath this year thinks they'd better go all out.
And it's not as though my opinion is going to be swayed by obviously partisan shiny fliers, as I am trying to concentrate on what each candidate says about himself. Not the other guy.

The Thief said...

And what color is the sky in this fantasy world in which our candidates actually talk about themselves instead of slinging mud at one another?

dunce said...

thief: It's a real problem because any candidate who does not participate in mud-slinging is perceived as being weak and unable to stand up to criticism, and maybe even the mudslinging is all true.

Mud sticks, and the electorate does not seem to be interested in "boring" details of proposed policy (which only serves as fodder for futher mudslinging, it seems).

this is not restricted to the US, of course. Maybe the North Koreans have the right idea (minus certain minor details related to personal freedom etc.).