Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting Soft

I think I'm just getting soft. I can remember running in much, much colder weather than this morning, and when I looked through an old running journal (from Gahanna, meaning it was at least 4 years ago), there was a spot to record temperature, and often I'd be running in 20 degrees or less.

Anyway, this morning (temperature 35, with wind chill taking it down in the mid 20s) I really didn't want to run. I was cold and miserable and the wind just whipped through my tights (running tights - I don't want anyone to get a mental picture of me traipsing around in other kinds of tights. You've already gotten that mental picture? Oops! You'll take it with you to your death bed). I even decided to run around Lieb's Island multiple times rather than running out into the open farmland (Lieb's Island is full of houses and trees and blocks the wind rather well).

But I decided that I'm getting soft. Or maybe I've forgotten what it's like to run in the cold.


Rev.Dulce said...

Going soft? Probably not, you are allowed to slack off for one day. Lord knows, I have slacked off for several months.

Nate said...

toughen up you wuss! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Is "softness" measured in years?
Just wondering,
your even softer brother

Julie said...

You do wear tights. There are no tights that do not look like the tights have. Just accept it and move on.

The Sister said...

thank you, softer brother, for stealing my idea.
I was going to say, getting "soft"? or getting older?
Or, heck, just go with Nate.