Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slowly But Surely...

...the work on the house continues!

The plywood is off the double door upstairs (the door into what used to be the sunroom, which will be replaced as the room is transformed into a bathroom).

It's amazing how bright the stairway is once again. It's also a reminder of how quickly the weather is getting chilly (supposed to freeze tonight).

This is what the upstairs looks like inside. No, this isn't the finished product, but it is a lot closer!

Outside the roof has shingles (I've heard that's a really painful condition; I almost feel sorry for it), windows and a door are in, and the house is wrapped up. Careful: that first step's a doozy!

Today "they" are supposed to be coming by to do more work. It's a beautiful day for work, but we're unfortunately competing with our church's fall festival AND the ohio state football game (which was a TBA on the schedule but then was scheduled for right smack dab in the middle of the festival. grumble mutter fuss).

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Rev.Dulce said...

We have to arrange our schedule around the Razorback Games. Ministry in the Modern World!?!