Sunday, October 19, 2008

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

When I was little, my neighbor brought me (along with her kids) to see a movie. The movie was Darby O'Gill and the Little People. It absolutely terrified me. I spent most of the movie praying for it to be over (and envying my little neighbor kid, who fell asleep). Something about a death coach and a banshee gave me nightmares for quite a while.

Now Jonathan has his own Darby O'Gill experience, coming at the hands of an innocuous-seeming Thomas the Train movie: Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Our neighbor gave it to us, and we, just thinking "ah, it's just Thomas" let him watch it (Thursday). He's been afraid to leave our side since then. He's had nightmares and is afraid to go to sleep, and he keeps telling us, "That movie is stuck in my head forever."

I have to say I know how he feels.


Big Mama said...

I guess Mark's right: Thomas movies are too scary. Wonder what is so scary about them. I will have to watch one. I thought they were harmless too....The stories in the books seem OK...

Big Mama said...

poor little guy!!

Amy said...

I loved Darby O' Gill when I was a kid...but why doesn't Jonathan like the Thomas movie?

I'm not too fond of the original Wizard of Oz movie (those munchkins, man, they were freaky) and The Jungle Book (I'm not sure what I dislike it so).

We all have those movies that stick in our gut like that. Sigh.

Nate said...

Our Thomas is a Thomas officianado. He knows all the trains' names and has quite a few of his own.

He also has this movie. He usually only watches it on long trips on a portable DVD player. He loves it though.

My thing I was afraid of was Gremlins. Those things freaked me out! I don't really have nightmares (unless it's about tornados), but I can remember having that movie stuck in my head forever!

The sister said...

I think that you were not alone in being freaked out by the carriage and storm and whatnot of Darbyogill (one word, said fast and with horror). Too bad we didn't talk about it then and get it out of our heads. and Just to clarify, I don't think Mark is afraid of Thomas movies, though *I* am a little creeped-out by Sir Topham Hatt -- I mean, what sort of creepy little man is he anyway? -- but he doesn't like them.
He likes the books and the toys just fine, but says "Thomas movies are not in-ter-est-ing."

P&G Fan said...

Birds on monkey bars give me the willies! Alfred Hitchcock's movie the BIRDS anyone?

My daughter also has the same feelings afer I made her watch the movie with me.

Ah the joy's of parenthood; Passing my baggage on to future gernerations!