Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What People Really Mean

If you deal with people regularly, you'll find that they often say certain things while meaning something completely different. For example, if you are single and your friend tells you that they have a friend you need to meet with a "great personality" - that's probably not what they really mean. If my wife asks me, "Were you going to wear that?" it means something like, "Those don't match" or "your clothes are horribly wrinkled" or "that outfit makes you look like a tent" or something similar.

In ministry, I've found that people often say certain things but mean something completely different. If you want to know what some of those phrases are (especially if you are a pastor or work in ministry), you have to read Perry Noble's post on the subject. Not only did I crack up and share it with Rudy (my right-hand man), but I printed it out and stuck it on my bulletin board.

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Big Mama said...

AhHa! I tried to post a comment the day this blog came up but a strange posting spot came up and it didn't take me. anyway, the posting was kind of funny but also sad--because it was soooo true!