Thursday, November 20, 2008

David Bailey

This past Sunday, our church hosted David Bailey in concert. I was excited for the concert, as David has a remarkable testimony, and as I had been listening to some of his music in anticipation of the concert. He is a fantastic song writer - one of those guys who paints very real, tangible, accessible word pictures with his lyrics.

On Sunday morning, David brought the special music for church. While his songs were good, he looked about ready to collapse. He explained that he was just exhausted from his travels but that his left hand just wasn't working right (yeah, I know that a left hand never works like a right hand).

Anyway, at his concert, David's guitar was out of tune. Apparently, right before he went on, he told a couple people that he was having a really hard time hearing. I kept hearing one of the strings out of tune and it was pretty distracting to me. But on the other hand, his lyrics and his testimony were extremely powerful and moving, and one thing he said really stuck with me.

Even when you don't think what you're doing is good enough, God can use you

This was true of his concert. I know he was disappointed in how he played; you could tell by his demeanor. But there were many in the audience who were really touched by God through him.

It turned out that he was battling a lot more than exhaustion; he scheduled an MRI for when he got home (Tuesday) and is in surgery today (Thursday) to remove a cyst that is causing pressure in his brain. So if you have a chance today, please lift up prayers for David Bailey.

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Big Mama said...

Goodness! I surely will be praying: is there anyway you can keep up with how he is doing? As I read your post, I kept thinking "tumor?"--I would!