Monday, November 17, 2008

Nobody's Talking...

...about high gas prices anymore. ...and this isn't even the lowest-priced station in the area (it's just the one that is on my walk to work).
(and, yes, that is a little bit of snow on the ground).

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Rudy said...

True. I guess the media decides to cover what they feel is important to them. When the gas prices were up they interviewed politicians blaming Bush for oil, weather, and cancer. Now I am not an avid Bush supporter. My verdict is still out on whether or not he has been "good" for America. What I despise is how he can be blamed for all the failures but for none of the seeming successes. What makes this current lack of coverage tolerable in actuality is that the President has nothing to do with oil prices to begin with. What is irritating is how they are not equally ridiculous when oil prices are acceptable. It seems like a futbol game where the ref is making bad calls for one side only. If you are going to be stupid equally.