Saturday, November 01, 2008

Preschool Harvest Party

I'm not going to write much about Jonathan's class and their Harvest Party, but I wanted to post a couple of pictures.

The kids had a blast, of course. There were several games and all three classes rotated through them. Jonathan's favorite was the fishing game.

Jonathan mostly loved running around with his friend, Christopher. They were quite the pair, the policeman and the fireman... When they had a relay race, instead of running individually, Jonathan and Christopher ran together.

Andrew wants so much to be a big boy, and he made himself right at home with all the big kids.

Tara was "roped into" being the room mother and planning and executing the party, and did an excellent job, but it was exhausting! I came down and helped her, mostly doing "crowd control" of the eight little whirlwinds (plus our extra little bumble bee, who was buzzing around everywhere). There's a reason I didn't end up running the family preschool...

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Big Mama said...

Yes but, as some "dear Friend" commented she could see you "making something" out of that preschool. Gee...