Monday, December 08, 2008

God is Working!

Let me begin by telling you that I don't have the gift of healing. At least that's what a senior pastor I used to work with (for?) told me, and he was the expert, so I'll go with his opinion on it. You might think that such a statement is hard, but I found it extremely liberating. Now all the pressure is off when I pray for someone; God does have the gift of healing, and if He chooses to heal through me, all glory to Him!

That said, God has been doing a mighty act through the prayers of His people in Millersport.

A few weeks ago, one of our active members had to leave before service because of massive headaches and double vision. He ended up in the hospital where he received the bad news: brain tumor.

We all battened down the hatches for a rough ride and started praying. After several "second" opinions, he has been diagnosed with... a clean bill of health.

The tumor is gone.

Last week my neighbor (who is also active in our church) asked me if, during the pastoral prayer, I would pray specifically for her uncle, who also has brain cancer. Truth is, I completely forgot prayer time altogether (there were extras in the service, and as I've told people, without the program, I'd be lost - I am sometimes lost even with it!), but thankfully I could re-insert it before we celebrated Communion.

I also prayed with his daughter after service as she told me that today he was going to get test results.

This afternoon, they got the test results: the cancer is gone!


And all glory goes to God, because I don't have the gift of healing! Praise God!

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Anonymous said...

God is good all the time!! Thanks for the wonderful news!