Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

... but it all worked out ok.

It all started with a phone call on Sunday - between soccer games. Apparently the musical entertainment for the preschool Mothers' Day party (which is a pretty big deal) canceled. They had a good reason, having to do with a death in their director's family.

But it left the preschool director in a jam: now they didn't have entertainment for the party, and it was already Sunday night (and the party was on Tuesday at noon).

So they wondered: would Tara and I be available?

In case you're a new reader of my blog and/or don't know us very well, Tara is a very good violinist and I play guitar. Maybe we could play something?

So we said we would.

Fast forward (not very far) to Tuesday, when the preschool director was sick and couldn't come.

Tara prepared some pretty well-known children's songs and found chords for them and we decided that I would play and she would sing.

And we would do some bluegrass.

And she would play a song that she had originally prepared to play for Jonathan's class when they were having their "music" week (that particular class day was canceled because of the weather).

And I would do the welcome, greeting, public speaking part.

It all worked really well, and (at least as far as I could tell) everyone had fun.

Except that Jonathan was mad that the other kids didn't really know how a certain song (one of his favorites) went. (That favorite is Down By the Bay. Some of his other favorites are Can-Can and Beethoven's Fifth).


Amy said...

Cute! I can't believe that those kids didn't know "Down By the Bay." What's up with that? Slackers.

Next time I think you should post a YouTube video of these happenings. :)

The Thief said...

Oh, if only someone had been videotaping...

The best part, which I didn't see but which was reported to me by one of the teachers, was a little boy breakdancing to the fiddle music.

Big Mama said...

They weren't???!! Maybe next time you shoudl try Bethoven!

Rudy said...

You guys were awesome. You guys are always awesome!