Friday, May 15, 2009

Four Reasons for Four Reasons

Yesterday my family and I had lunch at Four Reasons Bakery and Deli in Lancaster, Ohio.

We went down for a funeral, and since we were all dressed up and since we were hungry, we decided we'd like to go out to eat. The usual places, pizza and fast food, weren't all too attractive, so we decided to drive around a little and see what was available.

We saw Four Reasons and decided it looked good. Here are four reasons to go back:

1. The food was fantastic. We got a French Dip sandwich and their Fairfield Club sandwich and shared them between the four of us. We all loved them. The kids loved dipping their French Dip sandwich.

2. The atmosphere: besides the loud guy who knew everything about everything (sitting two tables away - he was holding court, er, having a conversation with someone, but his voice really, really carried), it was a great atmosphere. If you wanted to come in and eat (plenty of local business-people were there on their lunch breaks) or if you just wanted to hang out, it was a great place for it.

3. The help: everyone who worked there was super-nice and friendly.

4. The desserts: You didn't think we'd go to a place like this without sampling some of the desserts, did you? Jonathan got a huge cupcake (he just ate the frosting - but the cake was really good, too), Andrew got a GIANT chocolate chip & M&M cookie (he was so proud of it), Tara got a pumpkin spice whoopie pie, and I got an apple turnover. Yum!

We originally thought we should have ordered another sandwich for the four of us, but after desserts, we were glad that we'd left room!

You can find Four Reasons on the web at

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Sam Beardsly said...

You should recommend this place to John Korby and the Big Bass Brothers!