Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Today Andrew and Jonathan began a new year of preschool: Jonathan for the second year (but in a new classroom) and Andrew for the first time.

Jonathan was pretty happy to go and was excited about going and about his new classroom. Andrew felt like such a big boy, getting to go to preschool (after all year begging to go last year). Although as Tara prodded Andrew to help decorate his preschool bag, he wasn't interested at all.

Anyway, we got them to school early - way early... (on purpose) we first went to the hardware store to pick up some supplies for the playground, then we went to the playground and fixed an issue, then in to class.

Andrew acted like he wanted to start a crying show, but he already knows Miss Heather, his teacher (and already loves her), so he pretty quickly got involved in class. Way involved.

On one pass past my office, Miss Heather mentioned to me, "Guess who gets the award for catching my blue beta fish!"

Yes, it seems that Andrew stuck his hand into the fish bowl and caught her fish.

Bare handed.

She is said to have done the "silent scream" pose as she tried to coax him to put it back. When I saw it later, it was floating nicely upside down. No, just kidding. It was fine.

After school, Andrew really wanted to decorate his school bag. Everyone else had pretty decorated bags after all.

But that was his first day of school. I wonder what will happen on the second day!

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Big Mama said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Guess poor Miss Heather has learned to never EVER put something within reach of a preschooler if she doesn't want someone to touch it, huh?