Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peter Mayer Group Concert

When our worship chair asked my permission to book the Peter Mayer Group in concert, I had never heard of them. I didn't know that Peter Mayer's main gig was playing with Jimmy Buffett. I didn't know that he was a fantastic guitar player and songwriter.

All I knew is that he (along with the rest of his band) is a Christian and our worship chair wanted him to play at our church. And soon I found out that the leader of our worship band has a man-crush on him.

I scooted over to his myspace page and gave him a listen and I really liked what I heard.

So we booked him to come and play at the Millersport UMC. He has apparently played at nearby Buckeye Lake in his other gig, and though we had a decent turn-out, it was slightly less than Jimmy Buffett might draw.

I hadn't been to a good concert in a while - I can't remember one since the Violet Burning played in Ohio a couple years back. Other than that (and a rare double showing of the Violets at Ichthus the year I took Stonybrook youth there), it would probably date back to college.

Anyway, I took my place in the front row, center seat (yes, I was that guy), hoping I wouldn't be disappointed. Everyone else had slipped down from the office to "help out" (read: listen to them warm up), but I hadn't (was a little embarrassed that I'd showed up late to help them unload their gear). From the first note, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed at all.

I was reminded heavily of the Freddy Jones Band (one of my college favs - if you go to their site, make sure to listen to In a Daydream - great song), but there was something about Peter Mayer that reminded me of my late friend Chad Miller. Reminded me enough of Chad to bring tears to my eyes.

The music was a mix of upbeat, acoustic, electric, funny (the Onion, anyone?), contemplative, Christian, and secular tunes with jazz, acoustic, folksy, and rock roots - all with a great sense of humor and good rapport with the audience. At one point early on, they had us (the audience) simulating a rain storm. It sounded cool. At another later point, we had a fantastic conga line stretching all around the entire church. Now that had to have been a first!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Fantastic concert!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone else has a man chrush.

The Thief said...

Be that as it may. Awesome concert, no matter!