Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

This morning we rose bright and early to participate in the Columbus Turkey Trot . This was a great family event - not only did they have the five mile race, but they had a 2 mile "walk and talk" and a (free) kids' 100 yard dash (complete with t-shirts and medals and goodie bag).

Jonathan was so excited that he hardly could get to sleep last night - but he told Andrew, "try to go to sleep as fast as you can, because you'll need your energy for our race tomorrow!"

The kids' run was really well-done by the organizers, and our boys really had fun.  I ran with Andrew, and I gave Jonathan the option that he could run with us or run faster.  He chose to run faster.  Lickety split fast.  He was so proud of himself!

As for me, this meant a five mile race.  I'd never run a 5 miler before; I've run plenty of mile races, 2 mile races, 5K races, even a 4 miler once, a 20K, a half marathon, a 40K, and 2 marathons, but never a 5 miler.  There were tons of people there, so I made sure to get up front for the start.  I've made the mistake of starting in the middle or back before, and that isn't any good.

I went out a little fast (5:53 mile - 2nd fastest mile I've run in about 10 years) - it was downhill with the wind. I was on track that if it had been a 5K, I probably would have run my P.R.  The last two miles were a little rough, but I was pretty darn pleased with my 33:39 finishing time.  I was expecting about 35-37 minutes.

Not only was it a lot of fun, but it was for a good cause.  The run raised money for Easter Seals and they were also taking food donations for the United Methodist food pantry and used shoe donations for redistribution.  I was glad to have somewhere to give my used running shoes.

This was a great way to start my Thanksgiving!

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