Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Time Blogging

I've had a hard time blogging recently because much of my time has been consumed with other things.  I believe in blogging, and it's a good outlet for me - somewhere to put my thoughts on "paper" - but especially with the Bible reading challenge, that time just isn't as plentiful.

Plus, since January, I've been making an attempt to write in my actual journal as I read the Scriptures.  I've enjoyed doing that as a spiritual discipline in the past, but lately I'd gotten away from it.  But the side effect of writing in my journal regularly and of reading scripture for well over an hour each day is that the blog gets a little less attention.

Thanks for continuing reading!


Big Mama said...

I always enjoy reading your blogs too. And love Andrew's comment!

WES ELLIS said...

Still here and still looking forward to reading more of your thoughts