Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Night's Weird Dream

Last night I was craving salsa, so before I went to bed, I ate some chips & hot salsa, and I was just expecting some weird dreams.  I was not disappointed.

I dreamed that there was some super-evil bad guy who was plotting some kind of super evil, and he had hostages he was planning to kill.  He and the hostages were on a bridge over a large river.  I was not on the bridge; in fact, one other person and I were the only ones who could stop this bad guy, because we knew how to cross the raging river.  He didn't know that there was a ford where one could walk across in water only up to knee level.  We had a plan and a gun, and we were planning to cross the river and kill him before he killed the hostages and wreaked his evil havoc.

We were crossing the ford when there was a terrible splash.  Somehow the evil guy had fallen from the bridge. He did not land on or near the ford; he landed in deep water, and it became quickly apparent that he could not swim.  He was drowning.

Shortly, he washed up on the bank, not breathing.

We rushed over to where he was; I knew that he would  die if CPR were not administered right away.

...and I woke up.

What would you have done - would you have saved his life, even though your original plan was to kill him?


Big Mama said...

My real nature says I would kill the evil person--but knowing me, I probably wouldn't really have. Unless it would be to save you all. I think I would have tied him up first....

The Sister (eternally optimistic) said...

Hmm. Seems to me your original plan was to rescue the hostages, and the hostages were now able to be rescued without you killing him.
So send your companion to make sure the hostages are safe, and to get help (you can't do CPR indefinitely) and yes, try to save him.
His redeemed life might be one that has great impact for the good.
Or he might die anyway, but it wouldn't be on my conscience.