Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Five Encouraging Things to Say to a Runner

I wrote a blog about things that aren't encouraging that people say all the time to runners (I forgot some classics, like "how many miles is this marathon?" or "you're almost there" when you're not even halfway).  But I thought it might be nice to include some things that actually are encouraging.

5. Great job!  Sometimes we don't feel like it was such a great run.  Sometimes we're sore and tired and the heat and humidity (or cold, depending on the season) has gotten to us. But it sure helps to hear someone tell us "good job."

4. Have you lost weight?  Who doesn't like to hear that? Many runners are running away from that fat person they somehow became, and it's really encouraging when someone else notices.

3. Fantastic time!  When someone who knows running compliments you on your pace, your workout time, or your race time, it means a lot.  Whether it's a Boston Marathon Qualifying time or you ran the entire 5K course for the first time ever, it means a lot when someone says something positive about your time.  Yes, there's always someone faster (unless you're the world champion), but most of us aren't racing against that guy.  We're racing the clock and ourselves.

2. (Insert smart coaching here). Most of us are learning as we go along; it's great when someone tells us something that will help us run better, faster, farther, or easier.  Last year I had a goal of beating 20 minutes for the 5K.  Someone (or multiple someones) told me I needed to add speedwork to my routine (duh!).  When I did, my time started dropping - not just for the 5K, but everywhere.  Other times the smart coaching is "listen to your body" - especially when dealing with injury or illness.  Or "don't be rigid" in your training. etc.  Good coaching from a more-experienced runner is encouraging.

1. You can do it!  There are times when we think we can't.  It's great to hear someone remind us that we can. This goes for a beginner who is running his first race or a proven champion who is trying to run her personal best. There are times when a run seems too far or too fast - it's great to have someone cheer us on.

What would you add to this list?

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The Sister said...

"Looking good!"
I may not be running (it's on the bike) but it would be nice. And not in a creepy, leering sort of way, btw.