Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Running With the Boy

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to run.  My family would drive past the local middle school and would dream about running on the cinder track there - but I never actually asked my parents, "Could we stop so I could run on that track?" It wasn't until I was actually in middle school that I got to run there... and I loved it.

A couple of years ago, my oldest son, Jonathan, decided he wanted to run a 5K with daddy.  So we worked it out this way: I ran the race at my pace and then came back and caught up with Jonathan and Tara (who was also pushing barely-2-year-old Andrew in a stroller).  Jonathan had run at a sprint to start, but he needed some motivation... and having Dad there helped him.  We were the last ones to finish, but if you ask Jonathan, he'll tell you, "I ran a 5K... and I won!"  Maybe he was remembering going up with me for my age group award.

Last year it just didn't work for the family to run the race (with Baby J less than 1 month old), which was disappointing, as the "under 11" age group was wide open.

This year, Jonathan wants to run the race again.  And we've been preparing.  He knows the strategy: don't run too fast, and if you need to walk, just go ahead and walk, but keep going.  I told him I would bring water so he can have a drink whenever he wants one. We've been out on training runs together, and he's excited about the race.  Last week we went on our bikes to see the race course - and although he's only been riding a two-wheeler for a week or two, he was up for the whole thing.  And more.

We'll see how things go on Saturday. 


Greg said...

Well then, I can't wait to see what middle school track ultimately holds for him! Best of luck to Jonathan in the 5K this weekend. I would love to see one of my boys be so inspired to take up running at a young age (though not necessarily in the predawn).

Kym Klass said...

Good luck to Jonathan this weekend! What an exciting time for him, and such a great thing for him to look forward to, especially with his dad.