Monday, December 13, 2010

Power Outage!

Have you ever had a power outage?   What a reminder of how much we rely on electricity!  Yesterday, just into our 11:00 church service, the power flickered several times and then went out.  That meant no microphones, no projector, no PowerPoint, no amplification for guitars (or the electronic drum set). I realized that we rely a lot on electricity!

For example, as a congregation, we don't necessarily have all of the praise songs memorized.  We don't necessarily have to worry about memorizing, because they lyrics are on the screen.  Except for when there isn't electricity to power the projector.

But honestly, besides not getting to audio-record my sermon, it wasn't a problem.  Sure, it changed things; the band did an acoustic set (including using the "box" instead of drum set, unplugging guitars, violin accompaniment (good thing Tara had her violin there after playing special music during the 9:00 service), and different songs from the hymnal), and I had to speak a little louder than usual, but even without electricity, the atmosphere was electric. 

One unexpected bonus was that Rudy "asked" everyone to move forward - conserving heat, voices carrying, etc., and that made for a closer experience, a "together" experience, if you will.  I came down off the platform to speak, because there was better lighting down on the floor, and that worked out well, too.

All in all, it was a great time of worship, and a little power outage didn't dampen the Spirit at all.

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